You’re not in the bustling city anymore. You’re 1,500 meters above sea level, perched on a mountainside and surrounded by verdant pines and rich gardens. Your new home is an authentically preserved French villa. Pause and look around. You’re at Ana Mandara Villas Dalat.

Seventeen villas line cobble-stone roads and verdant gardens. In the valley below is the French art deco city of Dalat. Beyond are distant mountains, a cool blue sky and later, a starry night.

This is not your typical resort. This is a part of history. Burgeoning in the 1920’s and 1930’s, when a young Dalat was just beginning to burst from the seams, French villas were raised along the city’s winding hillsides to accommodate French nobles and officials.

Meticulously preserved and bursting with character, Ana Mandara’s villas aim to bring you back to bygone years and forgotten times, when a day was spent walking along a grassy knoll or dozing off by a crackling fireplace.

If the city is a roaring racket, Ana Mandara is a soft melody you whistle to yourself while on the back porch of a country cabin.

A Highland Experience

Authentic Villa Rooms

Ana Mandara’s seventeen villas each have personalized rooms nearly identical in style to their 1930s counterparts.

A Revitalizing Experience

La Cochinchine Spa offers world-class services from an internationally-trained staff of attentive masseuses.

Dalat Cuisine

International and local cuisine is made with fresh ingredients straight from our gardens and neighboring farms.